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Hot Weather ShippingUpdated 22 days ago


Will my chocolate candy melt when shipping in hot weather?

It sure can! Chocolate, marshmallow and many jelly candies will melt at temperatures above 75 degrees. If you purchase heat sensitive products, ice packs will automatically be added to your order for a $2.00 flat fee. The Old Time Candy Company is located in and shipping from northern Ohio. Upon receiving your candy order we suggest that you bring it into air conditioning if possible. If not, put the candy into a refrigerator before opening. The purpose of ice packs is to keep the candy from melting, NOT to keep the candy cold.  Our ice packs are reusable and work well for picnics, camping and sprained ankles. Ice packs are NOT for human consumption. APO & FPO orders - ice packs will NOT last long enough to protect your candy. You are shipping at your own risk.

How will my order be affected by hot weather?

Shipping delays are possible: The need for Ice-Brix may delay your shipment. We will ship your candy to arrive by Friday of the same week in which your order was placed. If arrival by Friday is not possible, your order will be held until the following Monday to prevent melting in a hot UPS truck over the weekend. If your candy order is delayed we will send you an email notification within 1 business day. 

You can click here for a US temperature map.

If this is a "candy emergency," please call 1-866-929-5477 during east coast business hours to place your order by phone. Leave a message if the line goes to voice mail.

My order is melted. Now what?

If you purchased the $2.00 ice pack protection, we can either issue a refund, store credit, or if the temperatures look better in the near future we can try another shipment. Damaged product or items you are not happy with should never be discarded before a resolution is reached. A photo of the damaged products may be required for claims. Unfortunately, if the ice packs are not purchased, melted candy is not eligible for compensation. Melting must be reported to us within 2 weeks of receipt.

I didn't purchase the Ice Packs and my chocolate is now soup, what can you do? 

Unfortunately, if the ice packs are not purchased, melted candy is not eligible for compensation. 

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