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IngredientsUpdated 9 months ago

Where are your products made? 

Old Time Candy offers products made all over the globe. If you are looking for Made in the USA products, we have those sorted here. You can always ask about a product and we'll provide the information from the packaging.

Do you have gluten free products?

We do carry some gluten free products! Those are listed here. However, manufacturers change their manufacturing processes and ingredients frequently. We do recommend reading the packaging before consuming. 

Are you products kosher?

We have personally inspected each candy and have done our best to either track down the Kosher mark or describe it. The Kosher products are listed here. Because manufacturers change processes and plants from time to time, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

Do you have the ingredients listed on the website? 

No we don't. The ingredients change too frequently to keep the website updated. If you need a list of ingredients on a particular product we can provide that by email. 

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