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Shelf Life & StorageUpdated 9 months ago


Is the candy really old?

All of our candy is fresh from the manufacturer. These candies have been in production for many years. We Baby Boomers have grown up, raised children (and now grandchildren), started and nurtured careers and are busy people. In the process we have forgotten about this part of our childhood. As we tell our granddaughter, "Candy makes my mouth happy!"

What is the shelf-life of the candy? 

Each product has its own shelf life. Most have the dates printed on each individual package. Times below  are expressed in months from the date of manufacture, not from the date of purchase.

  • hard candy - 12 months
  • chocolate - 6 months
  • licorice - 6 months
  • taffy - 6 months
  • peanut butter candy - 3 months
  • gummi candy - 6 months

How should I store my candy?

We recommend that you store candy at room temperatures (~70 degrees) and not in a freezer or refrigerator. Freezing chocolate will cause a white film to appear. If absolutely necessary chocolate can be stored in a refrigerator but it might absorb some of the odors from other foods.

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