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Changes & cancellationsUpdated 9 months ago

Can I change my order?

Yes. As soon as you notice you need to change your order please contact us by phone or email. This will help us to pull the order from the warehouse if it has already been processed and avoid shipping an order incorrectly. Our toll free number is 866-929-5477. If our offices are closed please leave a message and we'll respond as soon as we check our messages. 

Can I cancel my order?

We can cancel most orders that have not been processed and shipped. Please contact us as soon as you can if your order needs cancelled.

If UPS has already picked up an order and it is in transit we can still get it back but would have to pass the intercept fee along to you. This fee is $18.00 and must be charged before we can intercept the package with UPS. We will need to take payment information over the phone, we cannot charge this through your order. 

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